Biznet Foundation for A Better Indonesia

As one of Internet provider companies in Indonesia, which is part of Indonesia, Biznet undestands that company holds huge responsibilities in giving positive contributions to the environment, with bigger goals to support the development of Indonesia, for sustainable growth for the people of Indonesia.


Biznet is committed to conduct CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) programs to support the government of Indonesia in giving positive contributions to the country.

Bali Beach Cleaning Program

Biznet has the responsibility to maintain our natural resources. As a CSR program that focuses on community, Biznet launches a program called Biznet Bali Beach Cleaning Program that focuses on the cleanliness of Bali beaches.

Free Wi-Fi Program for Education

As one of the leading Internet providers in Indonesia, Biznet has a special program called "Free Wi-Fi Program for Education" that gives free Internet access for schools so more students have access to the Internet and able to learn many things that happening around the world today.

Scholarship Program

As a company with a concern about the quality of education for the good of a country, Biznet has a strong commitment to support the government to improve education in Indonesia.

Biznet Sembako Dissemination Program 2020

Not only focusing on health, education and environment sectors, Biznet Foundation also supports community sector by having a program called Biznet Sembako Dissemination Program 2020. Looking at the current COVID-19 Pandemic, many sectors have been affected including the condition or people's economy. This program is created to focus on helping the people whose life has been affected by COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Development of Skate Arena

In this category, Biznet has a special program to establish Skate Arena that focused on creative young generations to express their creativity in the field of sports, and one of which is skateboard.

Blood Donation Program

This program has become Biznet's annual agenda in partnership with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), which is the company's social responsibility to help the people in need.

APD Donation Program to Hospitals in Bali

AYANA Hotel Group and Biznet are working together to donate APD to several hospitals in Bali to support medical personnel who are working tirelessly during COVID-19 Pandemic.

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