Tier-3 Green Data Center

Biznet has Biznet Technovillage as a place for implementing Green Data Center. Become a Tier 3 Data Center that accommodates computer systems (servers) and related components, such as storage and telecommunication systems. The meaning of Tier 3 is a Data Center that has more than 1 power source and network (multi network link).

Biznet Technovillage has modern technology and facilities but still cares about the environment by using recycling, such as ornaments made of wood that are glued a lot made from recycled containers and for lighting using LED lights that are energy efficient and brighter. In addition, it is equipped with a Dynamic Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply (DRUPS) to provide 100% backup power without using lead-based batteries (Pb). Lead, at certain levels of exposure, is toxic to animals as well as to humans. This facility has also been reviewed by the Green Building Council Indonesia certification and is proven to be an environmentally friendly data storage facility.