Biznet Uses IPv6, Internet Network Becomes Faster

Biznet's Domestic and International Networks are already using a dual stack IPv6 system, where Biznet is also able to use multiple peer and upstream connections via IPv6. Therefore, Biznet is one of the Internet service providers that has fully utilized IPv6 connections, and Biznet will make IPv6 can be used by all customers.

What is it?

IPv6 is the latest version of the Internet protocol that has a much larger variety of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses than the previous version (IPv4). Therefore, IPv6 allows you to have enough IP addresses over a long period of time.

More Details

What we do?

Currently, Biznet is operating a "dual stack" system, which uses IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously through our network, with peering and transit to Australia, Asia, North America and Europe, and local IPv6 peering in Indonesia.

IPv6 is available for all of our Internet services, so it allows the customers to access the Internet at all times because the customers have sufficient available IP addresses.

Important Information

Security Information

IPv6 is the latest version of IP, which is of course still under development. And it should be noted that the use of Biznet IPv6 Tunnel Broker will bypass the security features/firewalls on existing IPv4 routers/firewalls, by connecting the end system directly with the IPv6 Internet. Where IPv6 on the client firewall system software and security features are relatively still in the early stages of development for some end systems.

Therefore, if you do not feel comfortable using IPv6 at this time, then customers are not required to use IPv6 in their services.


Customers will not be charged for using IPv6 access in Biznet services.