The rapid growth of technology has encouraged many business owners to rely on various technologies to help them develop and grow their business. Every business owners will always try to give the best service for their customers, including providing high quality Internet service, which has become one of the main utilities required by many individuals today.

To support business owners in fulfilling their requirements and to ensure their customer satisfaction, Biznet is providing Biznet Managed Wifi service that provides convenient solutions for business owners to set up and manage their Wi-Fi connection, specifically designed for business segments that include Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes (Horeca). With full support from Biznet in terms of service management, business owners are now able to focus on business development to ensure business is always running on track. This service is expected to become the best solution for business segment that supports customer’s digital activities.

Service Features

  • Biznet Management Controller.
  • Portal landing page.
  • The connection uses RJ-45 cable, can be directly connected to a broadband router, to support protocol PPPoE, firewall, proxy or an existing LAN switch
  • Large bandwidth capacity for local and international access
  • Secure, Fast and Stable Connection
  • Installation will be assisted by the Biznet team, making it easier for business owners to get maximum results from the Wi-Fi design.
  • Performed by experienced and certified Biznet Wifi Engineers.

Devices and Tools that customer will receive

  • Biznet Management Controller
  • Router
  • Access Point
  • POE Switch
  • Cable & Material
  • Installation Set Up

Important Information

  • This service is is in provided in the form of Add On of Biznet Metronet & Biznet Hospitality Services
  • For Biznet Hospitality, Wi-Fi is available from 100 Mbps – 10 Gbps
  • For Biznet Metronet, Wi-Fi is available only for Metronet 2A, Metronet 2AS & Metronet 2AW package
  • Biznet Metronet service (A) is only available on The New Biznet Fiber network.

Payment Method

  • For Cafes and Restaurants, you are only required to make payment during registration that includes the installation fee, and hardware fee according to applicable service price
  • For Hotels, you are required to make payment on monthly basis based on the registered service package, and include installation fee and hardware fee according to applicable service price.
  • Limited for Hotel customers, you must have a service subscription contract for a minimum of 36 (thirty six) months

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